High School Students

Step one: Apply to IU Bloomington

Apply for admission to IU Bloomington during your senior year in high school.

The early action deadline (non-binding) is November 1 and the regular admission deadline is February 1. However, we highly encourage you to apply as soon as possible in the fall of your senior year in high school to ensure you receive the strongest consideration for admission and scholarships.

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Step two: Apply for Air Force ROTC scholarships

Though it is not required to receive a scholarship in order to join Air Force ROTC at IU, we encourage high school seniors to apply to the U.S. Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program. You may be eligible for full or partial scholarships that help you pay for tuition.

Apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship by December 1 during your senior year in high school.

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Step three: Enroll in Air Force ROTC courses

Enroll in Air Force ROTC courses the same time you register for classes. You become a cadet the first day you meet all eligibility requirements and attend Air Force ROTC classes.

After you have passed the fitness test and completed Air Force ROTC membership paperwork, we will issue you a complete uniform and tell you how to arrange for having alterations completed (at no cost to you).

Cadets are required to complete an Aerospace Studies course and Leadership Lab each semester. In addition, cadets must be full-time students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester.

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