Guaranteed job after graduation

Not many college students can say they have a job waiting for them after graduation. And not just a job—a purpose.

Air Force ROTC prepares you to become an officer in the Air Force, which carries a high level of responsibility and honor. When you complete the Air Force ROTC program and graduate, you’ll dive right into a management-level position in the Air Force.

Whether you continue in the Air Force after your service commitment is fulfilled is your choice. You could go back to school or transfer your leadership skills to any career you want to pursue.

There’s more to do in the Air Force than fly

Of course we have cadets who become pilots, but the Air Force needs officers for all sorts of specialties.

There are hundreds of different Air Force careers, and you’re bound to find several that fit your interests and strengths.

You will request the jobs that interest you during your third or fourth year in Air Force ROTC. Based on your performance and the needs of the Air Force, you’ll be assigned to an Air Force career that you’ll train for after college.

Many jobs within the Air Force have direct translation within the civilian sector. This allows for a seamless transition after serving.

Payton, cadet majoring in informatics

What will you do after IU?

  • Air Battle Manager
  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer
  • Air Liaison Officer
  • Acquisition Manager
  • Band Officer
  • Behavioral Sciences/Human Factors Scientist
  • Chemist Civil Engineer
  • Combat Rescue Officer
  • Combat Systems Officer
  • Contracting Officer
  • Cost Analysis Officer
  • Development Engineer
  • Financial Management Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Judge Advocate Officer
  • Logistics Readiness Officer
  • Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer
  • Network Operations Officer
  • Nuclear and Missile Operations Officer
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Personnel Officer
  • Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
  • Pilot
  • Planning and Programming Officer
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Security Forces Officer
  • Space Operations Officer
  • Special Investigations Officer
  • Special Tactics Officer
  • Weather Officer

There are 50+ Air Force careers waiting for you

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