Current College Students

Steps for college students to join

Maybe you didn’t know about Air Force ROTC until you came to IU, or maybe you decided to join after freshman year. Whatever your path is, we welcome you to try our program to see if it’s the right fit for you.

You must have at least six semesters remaining in your college career to participate in Air Force ROTC.

Step one: Talk to the cadre

If you’re a current IU Bloomington, IUPUI, or Butler University student and interested in joining Air Force ROTC, we want to meet you!

The cadre—our detachment leaders and instructors—will meet with you one-on-one to get to know you and figure out the best way for you to fulfill Air Force ROTC requirements during the time you have remaining in college.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your future in Air Force ROTC.

Schedule a meeting with the cadre

Step two: Enroll in Air Force ROTC courses

Enroll in Aerospace Studies courses and Leadership Lab to join Air Force ROTC. Cadets are required to take one Aerospace Studies course and Leadership Lab each semester, in addition to maintaining full-time student status.

Because Air Force ROTC is a four-year program, the amount of courses you need to take depends on when you start the program. To complete any courses you may have missed, you may be eligible to enroll in both AS100 and AS200 courses at the same time.

After you have passed the fitness test and completed Air Force ROTC membership paperwork, we will issue you a complete uniform and tell you how to arrange for having alterations completed (at no cost to you).

Let’s talk about your future in Air Force ROTC

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